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medical face mask

The extensive experience of the Suisse Laboratories team in the development of protective clothing and the know-how of the medical team have resulted in an innovative medical face mask in accordance with EN 14683:2019 Type IIR, which meets the highest safety standards and is characterized by the following improved patented functions.

  • Anti-fog coating to prevent the goggles from fogging up.
  • This new technology also prevents the eyes from drying out due to the warm air we breathe.
  • Highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 99.9%
  • Twice as good breathability thanks to an optimized pressure difference between the inside and outside of the mask (pressure difference < 36 Pa/cm2)
  • Improved fit thanks to lateral lamellae, which in turn increases the protective effect
  • Pressure of the splash resistance ≥ 16 kPa
  • Optimum skin compatibility improves wearing comfort
  • Microbiological cleanliness ≤ 1 cfu/g

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