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WHO are we?

Armin Pörnbacher is an internationally active entrepreneur in trade, commodities, film and art.
He is the founder of Suisse Laboratories. Originally he came from a professional racing career, after which he founded a research team specializing in the development of new materials in the technical field.

Since its inception 10 years ago, Suisse Laboratories has established research laboratories in Germany and Italy, whereasproduction is planned in Switzerland.
Suisse Laboratories has developed various unique material components. Special emphasis should be placed on the material components, which sets a new standard in armoring worldwide due to its particularly low weight and enormous durability. All patents and copyrights are owned by Suisse Laboratories.

Advanced armor solutions

Our engineering team has many years of experience working with leading defense companies. As a result, Suisse Laboratories developed unique material components that set a new standard in armor worldwide thanks to their particularly light weight and enormous durability. All patents and copyrights are held by Suisse Laboratories.


Through our contacts with the army and civilian service, Suisse-Laboratories was tasked with supplying masks to the American and Italian civilian service during the pandemic, due to our close contacts with major Chinese medical producers. The purchase and sale of finished products is not our company strategy. However, we recognized the need of the situation and developed a membrane that combined outstanding filtering properties with an extraordinarily low breathing resistance. Thus, we developed our own Typ IIR mask, which stands out from the existing products due to its optimum protection and high oxygen permeability.

UV PRotection

The third product group is UV protective clothing. In collaboration with Vivi Fashion AG and the Suva (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund) we developed a UV protection product for the construction industry, which currently makes us the market leader in this niche. Further products for sport and leisure are being developed in this area.

What do we want?

Our aim is to develop products to protect life using new materials developed in our laboratories.
We research and develop in order to continuously optimize our products.
Your needs are our guideline. The products are specifically designed and adapted to your needs. Close cooperation with direct communication is a key factor in achieving convincing results.


René Stössel will take over the management of Suisse Laboratories' protective vests and armor division from March 2024.
As a computer scientist and economist, he has over 30 years of experience in various industrial sectors. Most recently, he was Managing Director of an internationally active mechanical engineering company, Posalux S.A., one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance machines for mass production in the automotive, electronics, watchmaking and medical industries.
He will be responsible for developing Suisse Laboratories in Switzerland.


We look forward to getting to know you!